Creatively building more opportunity

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Creatively building more opportunity
For those willing to lift their gaze over the walls of COVID-19, there’s lots of opportunity out there and plenty of potential people willing to listen.

News Corp readership numbers are up more than 81% and subscriptions nearly 300%! Social is going through the roof. As is streaming … video content viewing is up 45% year on year.

Supermarkets are selling out of newspapers; home delivery inquiries are surging and downloads of print media replicas on digital devices are up 34%!

Email open rates are also surging as people are more motivated to stay connected; look for online bargains; and generally take a little more time to explore what’s happening.
Out of home has naturally enough dropped like a stone, which isn’t surprising as we are all now ‘in home’. So, audiences are up and rates are down!

Maybe now’s the time to seize the moment!

Your customers are looking for content… which makes it a great time to talk. EDM with good content will drive engagement, brand loyalty and opportunity.

Social is huge, everyone’s online and engaged… but Facebook ad revenue is down. And same with Google (who would have thought)! So, whilst other advertisers are sleeping, it’s a great time to buy well (fewer advertisers mean lower bid levels).

Time to campaign through Connected TV…. Screen time is huge but advertising is down. Connect cheaply through digital TV & BVOD with big audiences looking for your content … whilst no-one else is advertising.

And outdoor?…. Lock away some bargains (even pull some free space?) against a longer-term commitment!

It’s all about being nimble, being proactive and being creative in order to do more with less. That’s what Accelerate is all about.

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